Goop and Flower Cupcakes!

Inspired by the marvellous Teacher Tom and spurred on by a morning with nothing to do and the glorious 24 degree sunshine beckoning us outside….we made these little beauties!
Tubs filled with cornflour, salt, water, white vinegar and cream of tartar. Spoons for pouring and stirring, whisks, cupcake cases and a tin for making some cakes. Toddler fistfuls of grass and dandelion flowers. Independent concocting, investigative play!

Mix it all together and what do you get? Oobleck!! (well, a variant form of it anyway!) She soon realised there was something wonderful and strange about the consistency of her cake mix and needed to dig her fingers in to be able to stir it up. Liquid/ solid/ liquid/ solid again!

 Lots more water later and the goop became a wonderfully thick, runny syrup. Perfect for pouring.

 And stirring through with grass to make a tasty nature soup.

 Cooking up a storm!

 Ta Da! A tray full of grass and dandelion cakes, ready for baking!

 If only that was royal icing and those were sugar flowers!

 She requested a bowl of bubbly water and washed every last item herself, down to the paper cupcake cases and…..

 ……. even the grass :-) Then she dutifully took it back to the lawn and “returned” it, all fresh and bubbly clean. Nothing my girl loves more than a bowl full of water and plenty of things to pour it into. Happy day!

This activity is good for:
* outside play
* sensory and messy play
* knowledge & understanding of the world: investigating the combination of materials/ introducing descriptive language eg thick, runny, stiff, gloopy/ talking about cooking/ labelling things from nature
* imaginative play: cooking/ science laboratories
* independent and open-ended learning

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