Bug Slime Spaghetti!

Make some gloriously fun and creepy sensory play with this bug slime spaghetti messy play activity!Bugs in slimy spaghetti sensory play- great for Halloween!
I nearly chucked out a plateful of cooked spaghetti last night and stopped myself literally as I lifted the bin lid. There must be something we can do with this, surely?! (remember the spaghetti prints?)
Hello Bug Slime Spaghetti!
I mixed in a few drops of vegetable oil and some black food colouring and set it in a tray in the garden with some plastic toy bugs ready for some exploring and investigating!
The tray was boring apparently, so we tipped the slimy contents into a flowerpot instead. So much more fun and a bit more creepily realistic!
She stirred, dug deep and transferred between different pots, playing  hide and seek with the bugs.
Baby just loved to feel each piece individually, sliding it’s slimy length between her fingers. And to taste it too, of course, but thankfully it is completely edible, phew.
And then she tipped it onto her water-filled TubTrug, swooshed the contents around until it looked like some ghastly bog and stepped right in to sploosh around. How much fun is that?!

As usual, she thought of something far more exciting than I would have done and taught me a thing or two in the process. Why explore textures with just your hands when you have feet too?!

This activity is good for:
* creative and imaginative play
* language development through describing words and simple story-telling
* exploring new textures using a multi-sensory approach
* playing outside

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