At Pampa’s Allotment

 Enjoying an oasis of quiet  green in the midst of the big city.
Discovering new and wonderful things like Dandelion clocks that can be blown into the wind.
 Sharing with best buddy cousins.
 Practising and perfecting.
 Admiring the beautiful bluebells in the undergrowth.
 Peering up at a gnarly old tree branch offering new life for the umpteenth time in its history.
 Finding faded old fences, unexpected things of beauty.
 Exclaiming over gigantic things growing that remind us of the enormous turnip story!
 Being wowed with the magic of a “watering can tree.”
 Bringing first gifts of Spring for Mummy which are treasured away into pockets.
 Learning and looking at the city skyline, high up in daddy’s arms.
 Cosying up for a mummy-cuddle-sandwich with baby sister.
These are the fabulous things that a little 2 year old enjoyed on a sunny morning at Pampa’s allotment. 

What fun are you having outside this weekend?


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    So beautiful!! It looks like hours of outdoors enjoyment. We spent ALL of yesterday outdoors! At the park with friends, at an earth day celebration in our town, and then in a friend’s garden. When the weather is nice, it’s hard to keep us in.

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    How lovely! Love the old-photo effect on your pics too. Is it an iphone app?

    My children have been in ‘quarantine’ this week as Miss D has chicken pox. Big open spaces for us; quite hard to find in London especially when we’ve been avoiding public transport too of course.x

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    Yes it’s wonderful to find the open spaces in the city!
    This is an iPhone app called Hipstamatic and it’s absolutely brilliant. Only about £1.50 and has produced some of my most favourite pictures to date. I just love the vintage old-school feel to them.

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    Anna, what a perfect day! Don’t you just love the world through a two year olds eyes. Such awe and wonderment.

    Oh and I love the pictures. They are just gorgeous. I’m going to go check out the app. Thanks x