Wool and Glue Birdie Nest

Make a bird’s nest using yarn and glue as a perfect little craft for Springtime!
This is just too cute for Spring! I have to confess, I got the idea for sculpting with wool/string from watching Mister Maker (yes really!) I must watch him more often as he has some fabulous ideas. 
To make a little birdie nest you need some wool (yarn) or some string dipped in brightly coloured paint. You also need a lot of PVA (runny) glue and a container with a rounded bottom.

 First of all, douse the wool in loads of gloopy glue. This is the fun and messy, sensory play element ;-)

Next, lay pieces of the sodden wool one at a time across the pot, criss-crossing and overlapping to build up a beautiful effect of a brightly woven basket.

 Wrap around the circumference of the pot as well (we didn’t do this quite enough.)

 Leave it to dry overnight. We left it for two days as it took ages to dry. Eventually we put it over the radiator and that sped things right up!

 Carefully remove the pot from underneath and you are left with a beautiful nest shape, all ready to fill with eager little chicks.

 Awwwww! I don’t know what it is about these chicks but they’ve melted my heart since childhood. Just so teeny and fluffy and somehow very needy.

 Cakie was thrilled to have somewhere to put her “birds” and carried them around to play with in their new little home. (Excuse the self-hand-stamping evidence.)

And we used some more of the wool and glue combination to create a piece of beautiful art work together.

This activity is good for:
* sensory and messy play
* creative and imaginative development
* knowledge and understanding of the world: animal homes and habitats/ change of materials from soft to hard & wet to dry

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