We’re Going On A Colour Hunt!

Create a colour scavenger hunt for preschoolers at home and outside, for lots of active fun and learning!
We are gearing up for the joy of a first birthday in this house and Big Sister has chosen rainbow colours as the theme for her baby’s big day. And that suits me just fine because it should be pretty fun and easy to come up with a few colourful ideas, plus we can do some activities along the way to thread in lots of playful learning. So, we started off with a colour hunt game which was lots of fun.
We have been eating our way through these delicious Dutch yoghurts for the past few weeks just so that we can have these tubs with their fab handles to play with (the trials of having a Primary Teacher for a Mum!) They’ve been great for some baby play activities too which I will post about soon!
I wrapped a different colour around each one and C stuck tape on to hold it in place.
And then I explained that we were going on a colour hunt around the house to find things to put in our little buckets that matched them. She got started before we’d even left the table!
Then off we went together and this is the chant that we said as we stomped around in time to the beat:
We’re going on a colour hunt
We’re going to find some bright ones
What a colourful day!
Let’s find……RED! (change for each colour)
(based on the rhythm of “We’re Going On A Bear Hunt”- a classic, favourite book for the under 5s)
She picked up the key words and repeated refrains really quickly and loved the marching element of the chants!
She searched through her duplo blocks, play food, crayons and kitchen utensils and picked out colours to match each verse as we sang it and popped them into her buckets.
Collecting colours activity
She enjoyed lining them up and looking at her progress!
And in true two year old style, she brought her little buckets to an impromptu picnic that she’d set up earlier and forgotten about. She found some items that matched her buckets while playing and popped them in too!
Collecting and sorting colours
Few more things in this one, nearly done!
The finished, colourful collection!
Colour scavenger hunt game

We then took them to show Baby Pop, tipped them all over the floor in one big, rainbow heap, and C resorted them and put them all back into the buckets all over again. Baby, meanwhile, flung them far and wide and giggled at the lovely noises she was creating!

This would be a fab activity for doing in a nursery or preschool setting during a focus on colours, sorting and counting!

This activity is good for:
* learning colour names
* sorting and matching
* counting using 1:1 correspondence
* joining in a repeated refrain
* recognising and keeping a rhythm and beat

Cakie: 2.6

Pop: 12 mos

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    I love it! A great book that goes right along with that activity is Teeny, Tiny Mouse by Laura Leuck. It came to my mind as soon as I saw what you were doing.

  2. says

    Another big aaaaahhhhhh! I love this idea. Great for a wet day indoors – certainly would brighten the day :-))))

    (and thank you for linking all your crafts and activities again!!)

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    I just love the list at the end of the post to show what skills it builds! I wish I’d had these ideas for my nursery when I was HT!