Wellie Boot Printing!

 Take one child (and a Mum!) in wellie boots, a tray of bright paints and lots of cardboard sheets.

 Dip feet in paint and walk, stomp, dance, jump and run to your heart’s content!

 Create a beautiful, rainbow, mess of colours.

 Examine the lovely patterns created from the prints and compare them!

 Find other things to dip and print with, or roll with!


Woo hoo! Jumping in colour puddles! (with a face painted as a butterfly- new obsession.)

 What a lovely end result! Abstract toddler art at its finest :-)

This activity is good for:
* creativity on a large scale
* outdoor play
* colour mixing and exploration
* examining the effect of printing with objects
* comparing big and small prints
* gross motor play: jumping, stomping, striding, tip-toeing, skipping
* having a HUGE amount of fun together (adult participation compulsory!)


  1. says

    Such fun! look forward to trying that out with the boy during one of Katy’s nap times.

    Did you do C’s face? Cute.

  2. says

    Love love LOVE! I love art on a large scale! We have so many big boxes sitting in our garage right now (I just can’t throw them away… and opportunity like this might come along!) – we will definitely be getting outside soon and doing this!! It looks like she had so much fun!

  3. says

    Cakie looks like she is having sooo much fun! Such enthusiasm in her jumps, I can imagine you both giggling away. Hmmm…how could we do this??? No need for wellie boots but I reckon we could strap on our thongs – the shoes that is :) (flip flops) and have a good old dance around. Ahh all the things I’ll be able to do when this little one comes out.

  4. says

    Love! We did a similar thing this week, but with bare feet on a big flattened cardboard box (it is still warm over here). I’m going to save the gum boots idea for winter!