Giant Rainbow Collage

Create a giant, beautiful and vibrant rainbow collage to consolidate knowledge of colours, practise sorting and matching and have a go at working on a large scale collaboratively!

A while ago we made colour balloons to go on the wall. It’s amazing to compare the progression in Cakie’s understanding between those two occasions, as this time, at 2 and a half,  she was able to name and sort all of the colours and talk about where they belonged and why.
I cut a large semi-circle from a piece of a cardboard box (can you tell yet how much I love boxes?!) Then I painted on a basic rainbow using poster paints while Cakie painted freely on another piece of cardboard next to me. We left it to dry and went to find the colour buckets from our colour hunt, and started to sort through our papers and collage materials.
She was able to talk confidently about where the things should go and why, and was disturbed that we didn’t have a pink pot, so we found a temporary stand in!

Then I squeezed lots of runny glue onto one colour band at a time and she brushed it all over with a paintbrush.

Between us we then stuck all of the scrap materials from each bucket onto the corresponding colour and I was pretty impressed that none ended up in the wrong place! (not that it would have mattered anyway.)

It took us a little while but it would have taken a LOT longer if we hadn’t made it a collaborative project! She was pretty pleased with the finished product.

I love this photo of her staring at what she has made. She said “daddy’s gonna love it!” Yes he will baby.

The finished beauty! We are going to display this for baby’s rainbow birthday next week.

A couple of close ups of the lovely, recycled materials.

Oh how I love colour. And how much do I wish I’d listened to my Mum’s advice and not been afraid to embrace it a bit more when I was younger! Still, we could always try to make up for lost time :-)

Happy rainbow colours, just perfect for birthday celebrations.

Giant rainbow collage

This activity is good for:
* recognising, naming and matching colours
* sorting and matching according to one criteria
* creativity
* fine motor skills development through tearing, sorting and sticking
* working together on a collaborative project (PHSE)

Cakie: 2.6

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