DIY: Baby Size Rain Sticks

After making our rain stick earlier in the week I realised that it was too long and heavy for Baby Pop to be able to use by herself. Since she was so keen to have a go it seemed only right to make her some of her own, and now they are both happy!

 It’s so much quicker to make these without any toddler “help” (but much less learning and fun for them of course!) I found a really long, thin, THICK, cardboard tube and cut it into 3 pieces using a bread knife.

 I tapped all of the little nails along the tubes, just as before.

This time there were no stoppers for the ends of the tubes so I used a few pieces of layered tape and it worked out fine.

 I thought we would have a go at a few new fillings so that we have a good range of sounds when we use the sticks. So this time I added pearl barley, red lentils and rice, (one into each stick for comparison.)

 I rolled them up in the same jungle print papers and baby inspected my progress.

 Because of the sticky tape endings the contents stuck a little at each end when turned. This means that you can see what is inside which is fun.

The finished sticks! Great for babies to hold in little hands and be able to turn, shake and roll all by themselves.

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  1. says

    Oh how fab! I would never have thought of the nails. What a clever idea!!!

    Mine would love this!

    (thanks for linking up to Kids Get Crafty)

  2. Anonymous says

    Your blog is a goldmine! Thank you so much for sharing all these great ideas. Have to try some of them now! :)

  3. Anonymous says

    These work so well! My 7 month old is loving anything with a sound at the moment, I added a layer of duracell over the paper because she loves to put things in her mouth still and it holds the paper on well :)