Baby Play: Cardboard Box Play Tunnel

Make a sensory crawl through tunnel for babies and toddlers to explore together! Great rainy day fun for everyone!

The best fun comes from the simplest of things. This is something I say a lot because I really believe it! Look at the joy created from simply turning a large cardboard box onto its side and creating a crawl-through tunnel! Games were invented (“can you catch me baby?”) lovely jokes and giggles were shared and plenty of exercise was had with all that fast-paced crawling!

While they were taking a nap I cranked it up a notch to create the funky-hanging-tights-crawl-through-tunnel-extravaganza! (if you didn’t know how bonkers we were before, you do now.)

I punctured the top of the box all the way along with closed scissors and twisted them around to make the holes big enough the thread a pair of tights through. Having two girls has its benefits!

And when they woke up they were introduced to the dingly-dangly colourful jungle! They could crawl through, pull on the stretchy material and have a good old silly time exploring together.

.Baby crawl through sensory tunnel

Baby Pop was bewildered by the strange hanging objects and gave them a good stretch and tug then crawled back and forth through them plenty of times, laughing and chasing.

Baby sensory tunnel

We played lots of games of  the favourite “Peepo!” and C wanted to introduce hide and seek too!

We rolled a few balls along the length of the tunnel and then I added some rattles inside a few of the tights for them to locate and shake. Lots of silly fun with many possible activities to tie in. What other auditory sensory materials could you add to the tights?

And after all that exhaustion, what better place than such a cosy nook to take a few books to read? Baby too!

This activity is good for:
* lots of silly, energetic, collaborative fun!
* gross motor skills (crawling, sliding, chasing, navigating objects)
* sensory exploration
* developing a repertoire of games with simple cause and effect results
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