Kitchen Play

We have been playing in the kitchen and practising some vital skills along the way.
Cakie made her own sandwiches all by herself.

Spreading on some peanut butter with a sturdy plastic knife.

Chopping up a banana using her other hand to hold it steady.

Arranging onto the bread and eating. I did it all by myself!

Helping Mummy to make some cakes.

She did some tipping, pouring, stirring, mixing and mess making. We “read” the recipe together from the book and she looked for numbers to spot.

Counting out the cupcake cases into the muffin tray. She managed to count using one to one correspondence up to 5 which is a new little achievement.

Exploring space and measures. These fit in here perfectly! How many do we need for each space?

Using the senses to “examine” the newly baked cakes….aka sniffing, licking and tasting!

Followed up by some cooking role-play using some of the same utensils to provide a bit of context for the imaginative play. Here Little Pop was able to join in too and they had their first proper play time together (where for once she didn’t just destroy everything that her big sister was doing!)

Playing with the  weighing scales, experimenting with how much pasta could fit in each container before it all tipped out, scooping and pouring.

Arranging some more “cakes” ready for the oven.

Cooking play includes many opportunities for:
* Exploring maths concepts: counting, capacity, measures, time
* Fine motor skills: spreading, chopping, tipping, stirring, kneading, squishing
*Knowledge and understanding of the world: multi-cultural foods, changing materials when  heated/cooled/set, using utensils and appliances
*PSE: favourite foods, likes and dislikes, foods from my culture
*Literacy: reading recipes, recognising key words, writing shopping lists and labels, packaging
*Imaginative, creative and role-play: chef, cook, dinner lady, baker, mum and dad etc