Friday Favourites!

These are my favourite photos that I took this week. I am really an amateur with a camera but would desperately love to take a class and learn some more. It’s on the bucket list for this year! My brother let me use his lights and camera this week to mess about with some pictures of the girls. 
This one sums up Cakie completely.
Little Pop looking reflective for a brief moment.
And here is a little snapshot of their love. 

I just came across this post on a brilliant early years site this week. (It’s not new but I have only just seen it!)

It sums up everything that I believe about early years creative and sensory play ideas and is written much more succinctly than anything I could compose. So I invite you to go and read and enjoy the focus of “it’s not the product but the process” that’s important when working with young children. 100% spot on.

And how about this for a wonderfully fun example of messy play?! I’ve been thinking of setting some little bugs within jelly for play but these plastic animals are also great!

Have a great weekend!