Dinosaur Stories

I am so in love with this drawing of a dinosaur that C did yesterday that I framed it ! Check out the little eyes, nose and mouth. Oh the cuteness.
These are a couple of  favourite dinosaur stories that we have been reading. 
This is “Red Rockets and Rainbow Jelly” (Nick Sharratt and Sue Heap) which is just fabulous in so many ways. Bright colours, funny pictures and a fresh take on the colours theme. It isn’t really about dinosaurs, but there’s a nice double page spread with some lovely “pink and orange” ones on it and I think we need to make some of our own soon. 

 Another by Nick Sharratt (really is about dinosaurs!) is “Stomp, Chomp Big Roars, Here Come the Dinosaurs.” It has little rhymes on each page and is quite funny (in toddler terms at least.)

 I love his drawings.

 My absolute favourite though is “Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp!” The whole text rhymes and has a wonderful, stomping rhythm. We used to get the children in the class to stand up and stamp along to keep the beat and after a few weeks they knew the entire story by heart!

Have you got some favourite dinosaur stories? Please share!