Daffodils for St David’s Day

St David’s Day is coming up on March 1st and being half Welsh we just have to celebrate it! My Mum used to send me into school wearing a daffodil pinned to my jumper (and even a leek on one unlucky occasion I seem to remember!) I have some photos of me dressed up in a proper woollen Welsh national dress outfit when I was about 2 and they are pretty funny. Maybe I will subject the girls to the same embarrassing marks of tradition, if I can find out how to make a costume!
So we made two daffodil crafts this week which were lots of fun and look lovely. One was a toddler craft and the other is an idea for slightly older children.

Egg carton daffodils:

First of all we cut up lots of petal shapes and coloured them using oil pastels, crayons, chalks and pencils. C used the tray from this post as an art lap tray!

We arranged them on a piece of card in a complementary colour, purple, and C stuck them down using sticky foam squares (I don’t know their real name, sorry!)

Arranged around into a circle of 6 petals, slightly overlapping.
And then we stuck one section from an egg carton into the middle of the flower (again using the sticky squares for a solid hold and no mess!) Our egg carton happened to be orange, but obviously you could paint it first if not.

She was very keen to do more so we made another to go onto green card and one onto bright pink. The latter has 8 petals because she was very enthusiastic!

These would make lovely Mother’s Day cards or Easter cards. They also look pretty stuck up on the door where we now have them displayed :-)

Craft Foam Daffodil:

For this I used a sheet of yellow and orange craft foam, one piece of green card and sellotape.

Again, just cut 6 petal shapes all the same size from the foam sheet.

Arrange into a flower shape by slightly overlapping each petal, and fix together at the back with some tape.
Cut a rectangle from orange craft foam and cut a little well spaced “fringe” along one edge.
Roll it up and secure it with tape on the inside. Fold out the fringed edge and it should sit back of its own accord.
Attach it to the middle of the flower by using tape inside the trumpet.

Roll up a piece of green card lengthways and secure with tape. Attach it to the back of the flower and stand it up in a vase!

Or….give it to your toddler to “sniff” and say “oooo dat smells wond-a-full!” You could make a bunch of these for such a sweet kiddie gift or as a Spring decoration.
Older children could probably manage most, if not all of this craft independently. Little ones can help out with the parts they are interested in if they want to, but it is not really hands-on play based learning for them! :-)


  1. says

    So cute! I’ll have to remember this Mother’s Day. I’m sure the kids would love to make some flowers for their Nanna’s!

  2. says

    I made these with my boys today. We just used paper + pipe cleaners cause that’s what I had on hand but they still turned out so cute and brighten up our kitchen table. Thanks!

  3. Anonymous says

    What tape would you recommemd to stick foam? We tried this today and I ended up using glue gun and staples…!