Wrap Around Wool Shapes

These are just perfect for slightly older children (4+) in time for Valentine’s Day!
 They are  lots of fun to make and really striking visually (although the poor lighting in these photos don’t do the colours justice!)

 Use either thick, coloured card or thin card glued onto a piece of cardboard, which is what is used here. Cut out a heart shape.

 Then cut little triangular nicks around the outside of the shape, evenly spaced. Obviously younger children won’t be able to manage this part by themselves.

 Using brightly coloured embroidery silk or wool, tape the end on the back of the card and start to wrap it around tightly, going between all of the little nicks in a random order. Tape down the end of the wool when finished and repeat using other bright, contrasting colours to build up layers.

 When you decide it is finished, decide what to do with it! Use it as the front to a card, a hanging decoration or a little piece of art work.

 Here is the activity changed a little for the younger ones, using thick ribbon instead of fiddly wool.

 And another example using a different shape. There are loads of possibilities with this and it could be really fun to incorporate it as part of a topic on modern art or to decorate animal shapes with stripes.

 What have you been making for Valentine’s Day?

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  1. Learning Time and More says

    what a great idea! I can’t wait to do this with the kids I nanny. I am thinking I could frame their work and it would make a great present for the grandparents.