Bargains at The Works!

I dont usually write anything about what we buy, but these things were such good value that I just have to recommend a trip to The Works (if you live in the UK!) I love this shop for all its fabulous art and craft materials, puzzles and books. If you pick the right week to go, you can get some real bargains.

 Charlie and Lola stories are a favourite with C at the moment and these fun little concept board books worked out at just £1 each on special offer (instead of £4.99 each.)

 I just  love the quirkiness of Lauren Child’s illustrations. And her knowledge of how children think is pretty spot on!

We also picked up two nursery rhyme DVDs for only 99p each, as opposed to the £4-£5 price quoted on Amazon. They seem to have some good reviews so I’m looking forward to giving the girls something new to dance and sing along to! I won’t go into detail about the numerous bottles of paint, sequins, pipe cleaners and stickers that we also bought,  but needless to say, that shopping trip made this stationary-loving girl very happy indeed!

It’s the small things :-)


  1. says

    The Works has a special place in my heart as does Charlie and Lola. I love the way Lola talks and the illistrations! Charlie is such a fantastic big brother too!

    Well done on your bargain hunting! Great items and a great price! xx