Baby Play: Nesting Bowls

The best playthings are always the simplest and are usually found right under our noses. Baby and I played with this  beautiful set of nesting bowls that I got for Christmas and she absolutely loved them.
Lovely opportunities for unpacking, examining, stacking, touching and tasting.

 Banging them together made a satisfyingly loud noise. Lots of repetition was needed to enjoy it as much as possible because the noisier the better at the moment!

Taking them out and then trying to work out how to put them back in again. Hmmm, I’m sure there was a system here somewhere!

 Turning them on their side to make a new way to play. This can fit in here and come out again.

 Turning them over to add a different perspective. Lots of bashing the smaller bowls onto the upturned larger ones occurred as well as a long, careful time spent in trying to turn them back over again. Easier said than done for little hands!

 And in the same vein as her big sister she had quite a bit of un experimenting with what else she could use the bowls for! Peepo!

 Working hard to try and make them fit and eventually being rewarded for trying different combinations. Ooo look, these little ones fit inside each other nicely!

 Absorbing, thought-provoking, simple fun.

This activity is good for:
* Developing thinking skills related to sorting, stacking, ordering and nesting
* Experiencing a range of sizes and colours
* Developing grip and gross motor skills through the manipulation of tools and materials
* Encouraging early creative and imaginative play

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    Wanted to let you know I linked to your website recently when my little girl did the colander and pipe cleaner activity. Thought I would give you extra thanks and let you know!