Baby Play: Muffin Tin Sorting

Baby Pop and I had some play time together while Big Sister slept this afternoon. This means that she actually got to play all by herself without interruption, which is a rarity!

She is really fascinated with putting things into boxes and containers at the moment and will spend ages investigating how things fit together, at a very basic level.

So I gave her a muffin tin and an egg carton, then cut up a couple of long cardboard tubes into a pile of little pieces. I sat with her and put some into the holes in the tin and she laughed and copied.

She carefully picked them up and examined them and placed some in the tin, filling up most of the holes. Then she noticed the egg carton and loved opening and closing it repeatedly to discover what it could do. She absolutely loves boxes so this was a real hit with her. Got to love what the recycling box has to offer!

Then she started to take them from the tin and put them into the box instead, closing it and opening it to see if they were still there.

Simple and fun investigative baby play…

…that absorbed her attention, made her think……

…and was apparently lots of fun too!

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