Baby Play: Mirrors

Baby Pop and I had a fun time exploring some mirrors and reflective surfaces.

 She spent a long time looking at herself in the car mirror and stand up mirror and laughed at the “other” baby who smiled back at her.

 Sticking out her tongue was her favourite little trick. Apparently the “other” baby could do it too!

 We also played with a shiny spoon and utensils and looked at the light reflecting from their surfaces.

 Mmmmmmm, tastes cold and crisp!

 Tin foil covering a plastic tub, a measuring bowl and a few other assorted mirrors from around the house and car. The car mirror is convex so added another dimension to the investigation.

 The foil made a lovely crinkly sound and felt very interesting to little fingers.

 She read a couple of flip-flap books with mirrors in too. Always a favourite.

 And she invented a little peekaboo game with her new mirror friend too

I can see you!

This activity is good for:
* exploring and investigating light/textures/materials using the senses
* extending thinking skills- just who is that “other” baby and where did she go?!
* promoting creativity through playing and inventing games and interacting with others
* can be played with even very little babies (holding head up lying on tummy onwards)

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    Lovely! I wrote about mirror play in our SUPERbaby series a few weeks ago and I think it’s a perfect activity for babies. You put together a great selection of reflective items.