Baby Play: Material Box

I’ve seen this idea in a few places and love it for its simplicity and for the fact that it saves your baby wipes from being wasted all of the time! Find an old tissue box or a plastic baby wipe tub with an opening on the top.
Cut out some squares of fabric and put them inside for baby to discover and pull out one by one.
If your baby is anything like mine then no demonstration will be needed. This girl could probably empty a packet of baby wipes in 60 seconds flat!

 I did not make enough fabric squares- she got through these in no time.

 Stuffing them back in and pulling them back out again.

 Examining the box more carefully. Did they come out the bottom?

 Initiating a game of peek-a-boo with the material!

 This activity is good for:
* exploring textures
* developing gross and fine motor skills
* exploratory play
* promoting creativity and curiosity
* saving lots of wasted baby wipes ;-)

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