Time for tea!

We’ve found a lot of miscellaneous things recently after sorting through some boxes left over from the move (over a year ago!) In one was a lovely little porcelain tea set, all ready for painting with special acrylic paints.

 So I decided not to stress about the “outcome” and fully embrace the “process” by letting Cakie at it, all by herself :-)

 She had a wonderful time and found it completely absorbing for half an hour or so, which is a good, long time for concentration around here!

 She talked about the colours that she was choosing and was very pleased with the results, apart from when the colours started to mix into a brown sludge. That she didn’t care for so much. That’s ma’girl.

 I saw my role in this little activity as being one of coffee consumption and feet up on the chair. She looked at my lovely Cath Kidston cup that I was drinking from and copied the “spops” onto one of her cups. Bless it.

 And some other little works of art.

 Beautiful mess.

 Loving the look of the paints all lined up with little lids a-flipped and ready.

 The finished plates. I’m so pleased these didn’t turn out the sludgy-brown colour.

 Little sugar pot lid.

 And little Pop watched with eager eyes and flapping arms. It will be your turn with the acrylics soon enough my love :-)

Baked in the oven for half an hour at 150 degrees C and left in the oven to cool for an hour. The colours baked on nicely and now the set is ready to use in some picnic role-play (if they don’t get dropped and smashed before then of course!)

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    I’m so glad other moms also struggle with letting go, and let a child do… and making in our eyes a mess. But the enjoyment. Oh, they don’t last especially with smaller children, babies and visitors. But can be replaced.

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    Just gorgeous. Good on you for sitting back and drinking coffee with your feet up. Your photos are lovely.

    (I’m visiting from “We play”)