Incy Wincy Spider Song Sheet

We are singing all day long these days and Cakie suddenly seems to know all of the words and actions that we have been doing for so long (or her own version in some cases!) 
She is also still requesting to “do handprints Mummy” all of the time, so we combined a bit of painting, a bit of hand-printing and a long-planned project of mine to start to make a set of interactive song cards.

 First of all she did (innumerable) hand-prints onto white paper using black paint. I let her do loads on her own and then I helped her to put 2 prints back to back, slightly overlapping, to make a spider.

 When they dried I cut closely around the whole shapes, cutting off the thumbs to leave 8 legs. We did two so that she could have one to play with too!

I cut out 2 circles from paper and drew on eyes, which she later stuck on with glue. Hello Incy Wincy!

She wanted to do more painting/printing so she helped herself to some blue and silver and layered up prints into a lovely mess. I was going to throw it away but decided instead to use it to cut out some rain drops to add to the song sheet.
I have been in love with my new A3 laminator that I got for Christmas and am laminating everything in sight. I have been waiting for this before I could start the song sheets as they need to be large and tough enough to withstand some rough play! Ahhh, little laminator, there you are :-)

 On an A3 sheet I stuck on the main parts of the story using the raindrops cut from the blue painted mess,  a simple drain-pipe shape and a sun cut out from a yellow collage that she made a few months back. Recycling previous crafts feels like a good way to show-case them!

I drew around the spider, one rain-drop and the sun shapes and labelled them. I then removed them before I laminated the main sheet so that they can be stuck on and taken off while the song is sung, making it an interactive song sheet. I want to use velcro tape which is extremely durable and sticks really well to laminate, but I have run out so am just going to use blu-tac for now.

 Here is the sheet with the main parts removed.

 While we sing the song together she plays with these and matches them up to the correct shape.

Her next favourite songs at the moment are Baa, baa black sheep and Humpty Dumpty, so now that I have the laminator I am going to get cracking and see if I can put the whole collection together and maybe bind them into a book when we are finished.

 Happy singing!

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  1. says

    This is so gorgeous! I bought an A4 laminator last year and we’ve had so much fun making little people and bookmarks with pressed flowers – but this is a fantastic, creative idea. I love your hand lettering too :)

    Oh, and the raindrops are just perfect, aren’t they? Well done little Cakie!

  2. Abi says

    Loving the January posts so far, Anna! I love my laminator too – have you ever put anything other than paper in? We love putting thread, glitter and sprinkles in ours – the result is fab and makes wonderful dragonfly wings, or butterfly wings, stick-ons for those vital thank you cards, or even bookmarks for a small gift. The little ones are intrigued as it slowly comes out all shiny. Am quite sure you have done this before though!

  3. says

    Thank you Abi! It’s really lovely to get comments and you are right, the laminator has limitless possibilities :-) I got my first one way back when teacher training and used to make all sorts of things, but lost it during our move over a year ago and was beginning to go spare! We haven’t made butterfly wings- those sound fab! It is great for window pictures and stained glass too. x