Glitter Thank You Cards!

We finally have iPhoto fixed and I can breath a sigh of relief that our photos are safe! It also means I can put pictures on my blog again :-)

We have been busy doing lots of quick little activities and playing for longer and longer periods with small world play and imaginative play toys. I am loving this new stage of play, 2 1/4 already feels vastly different from just 2 and I’m sure 2 1/2 will be even better!

We set about the wonderful task of making and writing our Thank You cards this week and Cakie had so much fun that she didn’t want to stop, so we currently have about 30 sitting on the shelf! So, even if you didn’t give her a present, you may indeed be receiving a card 😉

I believe very strongly that children should be taught the importance of thank you cards, not just as a quaint keeping of tradition, but as a lesson in thankfulness and taking some time and effort to sit and think about the person who gave them the gift. But more about that another time.

I call these “Snail Trail” pictures because the glue looks like the random slime tracks that snails produce. The beauty of this type of picture/ art work is that it is very free and doesn’t have to “resemble” anything.
Cakie squeezed PVA glue all over each card in random wiggles and squiggles (ie whatever she could manage!)

I did a few in particular shapes that she requested. Here is a heart. Later Daddy did some butterflies too. Gotta love when Daddy gets in on a craft, still wearing his suit from work. Ahhh.
Then she covered the glue with our new confetti glitter (given from our lovely friend Naomi, who clearly
knows me very well!) Here’s a little close-up shot for full appreciation.
Sprinkle a few mounds on the cards and on the floor.
This was by far her favourite part and probably because it was so tactile. Not to mention the fact that it makes quite a wonderful mess, which is a pre-requisite for most toddler happiness.

Here are some cards after the big shake-down.

Beautiful, little, modern glitter master-pieces!

All ready for writing and posting. And can I just warn anyone who may be receiving one of these…take care, they are GLITTERY! (in case you didn’t notice from the photos.)
Do you do Thank You cards for presents? Any ideas to share?


  1. says

    What a nice thing to read about a mom teaching her children good old-fashioned gratitude! My grandmother was the queen of thank you notes and taught us the same. We send thank you notes for everything and have started doing the same with our son (almost 4). Thanks for sharing a fun project and reminding us how important even the little things like sending thank you cards can be!!

  2. Katie says

    I’m loving these! Thinking of doing them this year, although am wondering if this is too advanced or my 21month old? I’m trying to find something he can do instead of me writing on the back of a photo.