Baby’s Favourite Books (9-12 months)

 Little Miss Pop has started crawling in her own semi-shuffle semi-drag semi-splits kinda way and it’s very amusing to watch the sheer joy she feels when she finally gets to those toys she has been eyeing up for who knows how long! But with this new movement comes, of course, a whole added dimension of mess and chaos. Time to increase the tidy-up teaching!

 This is a sight that brings more than a little joy to my heart. Both hubby and I LOVE books and read a lot. There are so many stories that I just can’t wait to read to my girls while they are tucked up in bed at night, and to watch their little eyes grow wide with wonder and excitement as they hear about the characters at the top of the Faraway Tree and the lands visited in the Wishing Chair. But for now we are enjoying baby and toddler books and these are bringing their own level of fun and enjoyment.

 These are some of Little Pop’s current favourites. I find it amazing that even at 9 months they already know which ones have the most captivating pictures and sing-song text. It really shows how early babies’ brains become tuned into language and begin the literary process. Amazing creation!
These little Ladybird board books about simple concepts have been favourites with both Cakie and now Pop.

 And here is the Farm Animal one.

Usborne have brought out a lovely range of early learning books in which the pictures are all fashioned from modelling clay. I just love them!

This range of tactile, large scale books was Cakie’s absolute favourite and I ended up getting her 4 or 5 different titles. Whoever designed them really understands small babies and their love for bright shapes, smily faces and multi-sensory page elements.

 This one has mirrors, bumpy edges, rough and shiny, bumpy and furry patches.

 And we have a nursery rhyme one too which is even better!


 And finally, here are a couple of her Bible story books that she loves too. They are a really sweet range that focuses on individual Bible characters and tells their story with just one word per page.

 This enables you to fill in all the gaps and essentially tell the story in whatever way you want to, as long or as short as you like. And as the research suggests that retelling stories in your own words is the best way for young children to become story tellers/ writers themselves, then this is a bonus! Please forgive Noah’s flip-flops in this picture (though I must admit, I kinda love ’em.)

 There are plenty more books coming off the shelves (and ALL over the floor!) but those are just a few favourites that we are reading a lot right now.

 Even if the aftermath does sometimes look like we’ve been burgled.

What me?! Butter wouldn’t melt! 

But it’s all worth it in the end though, right? What are some of your favourite books for very little babies (9-12 months or so)?


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    Books all over the floor-a constant problem here. Baby books don’t seem to do well in bookshelves either. They seem to be the wrong sizes and slip down behind others.
    My babies have loved books with pictures of babies. There have been various ones over the years and the best ones tend to wear out! The two youngest have especially liked an “Amazing baby” book called “Boo”.

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    I really enjoy your blog … probably because our children are similar in age! Like you we have many, many children’s books. I am always buying them … as I love them just as much as the kids. My son would sit and listen to stories all day if he had his way. Some of our favourites when my kids were under 12 months were all the “That’s not my …” and we love Spot books too :)

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    I’ve just discovered your blog and it’s a WONDERFUL resource for Mom Inspiration. I’ve grown a bit lazy in doing fun things at home and adding to her library. But seeing you do it so consistently with so much love makes me say– I want to be like her! Thank you and keep on blogging:)

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    What a wonderful post! I’m going to bookmark it for when my baby is a little older. I just blogged about her favourite books as a newborn. Looking forward to following your blog as I just discovered it!