Sweetie Collage

Step 1: Eat lots of sweets and chocolates with pretty wrappers. Complain about such terrible hardships!

 Step 2: Cut out a sweet (or any other) shape from plain card.

 Step 3: Give your child some runny glue and let them have fun stick, stick, sticking!

 Step 4: Say “Ooo well done!” every time they stick one down successfully and encourage them to cover the whole card. Say “No we can’t watch tv at the moment, come on, finish your lovely picture!”

 Step 5: Finished! Show to as many people as possible, then find somewhere else to display it!

That was quick and fun and another 10 minutes of long, dark, winter days filled!


  1. Anonymous says

    That looks lovely and what a great excuse to rush out and buy Quality Street! It’s for the good of the children :)