Snow printing and dribbly icing!

Today was another long day at home because of the snow. We did some snowflake printing using a sun/star/flower shaped sponge dipped in white and silver glitter paint.

I taped a few pieces of black card together to create a larger scale background than usual, and she printed away to her hearts content to make a snowy scene. She was very proud of it and wanted to drag the whole, wet thing upstairs to show Daddy who was working from home. No thanks!

Lovely as this was as an activity, there is nowhere to store it so I imagine this will soon be filed under B for bin!

It was still only about 11 am by this point so we set about decorating some star shaped Christmas biscuits that I made earlier in the week. They are from Nigella Lawson’s Christmas Cook Book and are filled with all things Christmassy and delicious- cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and pepper!

I poured a small amount of icing sugar into a bowl and slooshed a little bit of water on top (very technical measurements) and Cakie made a good attempt at stirring it all together into a runny paste. She then spooned it over the biscuits and added some silver balls although she ate at least as many as she put on, of course.

Then, when Daddy had a 20 minute lunch break we went into the garden for some snow fun. This was Baby Pop’s first experience of snow and she seemed fairly impressed!

Mummy and Cakie made a pretty poor attempt at some snow angels :-)

Meanwhile Daddy did his Daddy-like-thing and flung his babies high into the air (do ALL men do this I wonder?!)

It was certainly very popular!

Back inside we all had some hot chocolate (made with Nesquik, really recommend it!) and some freshly smeared-with-icing biscuits.

Even Little Pop had her own hot chocolate!

We’re working on the drinking from a cup skills!


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    What fun! I love the pictures of your baby all bundled up and you guys all playing in the snow. Your painting is really cute, and the cookies/hot chocolate look delicious!

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    Remember the snow angels we made at my mom and dad’s? I love the pics of you and your girls. I’m sooo happy you share these activities on here Anna, I love connecting with you like this. :)

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    I love this post, its a window into a completely different world. WOW, that snow is amazing. My kids are so desperate to see snow. Its so thick, I cant imaging living with that. I adore the photo of little white baby Pop in the snow. Sooooo cute.
    Biscuits look like a delicious tooth ache of sweetness, and I can imagine the snow painting cut-up and made into small gift tags.

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    Fun for my boys to see your cute snow photos. No snow here, so seeing it in photos is as close as they will get to snow this year.
    Love the one of your baby all bundled up in the snowsuit!