Handprint Reindeer Christmas Craft

Make a handprint reindeer craft with kids for a fun Christmas decoration or ornament for the tree!
First, Cakie made some handprints using brown paint. When they were dry I cut around them carefully so that they could represent antlers. Then we found some cardboard tubes, glue sticks and some coloured card.

I cut a large oval for his face, two circles for eyes and a larger, squashed circle for his red shiny nose. I made one to show her and then she did her own one completely independently. I love how she placed the nose vertically and the little mouth is so cute!

Handprint Rudolph activity

We attached the face to the cardboard tube so that it can stand up and be admired :-)

Making rudolph

Older children can do the cutting out, sticking and drawing independently.
This could be turned into a place card holder at the kiddie table on Christmas day, or a pot to hold pencils etc. It also looks really cute stuck onto a branch on the Christmas tree or displayed on the mantlepiece!
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Handprint Cardboard Roll Rudolph Craft
Cakie: 2.2
Pop: 8 mos


  1. says

    I’m going to go through all of the We Play Christmas activities over the next few days to make my list of Advent activities for next year, and I think this just might make the list (it’s the inclusion of the toilet roll, I am sure. Never enough crafts with toilet rolls LOL):)

    Very cute :)