Finally…an Advent Calendar!

So I thought how lovely it would be to make my own Advent calendar for the girls this year and how it would last for years and be a bit of a family treasure…..
However, it took me ages and wasn’t quite as wonderful as I’d hoped, and only went up at the weekend, but at least it’s finished. :-)  (It isn’t actually wonky in real life!)

 I sewed 24 little rectangles of felt onto an Ikea fleece blanket using embroidery silk. I cut out the numbers by hand from white felt and glued them on top of each pocket.

 I’m pretty sure there should really be 25 pockets on an Advent calendar, but 24 made much neater spacing so I settled for that.

Thankfully Cakie doesn’t have a clue that it is late so the next step is to fill it with little books about the Christmas story, lollipops and tiny stocking-filler toys ready to open each day!

If nothing else, it is ready nice and early for next year at least!


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    I know what oyu mean! I wanted to make one this year that would be recycled but left it too late and whent with the paper cones, at least I could get my eldest to write on all the numbers so not a complete waste lol

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    I love this advent calender, nice and simple. I’m thinking of making it for a friend. I was wondering how did you do the numbers? Did you use a template and draw them on? or fusible webbing? or some other method?