DIY: Baby Play Bottle

I saw an idea for making a variety of baby play bottles on a blog called Science At Home and thought it was about time I made something else for Little Pop to play with. This only took 5 minutes and proved quite popular with big Sis too!

 1. I filled an empty bottle to 3/4 full with water.

 2. I filled up most of the rest of the space with baby oil (any oil would work, but clear oil is better.)

 3. I added a sloosh of food-colouring.

 4. I cut up some teeny shapes from craft foam and found some gold star sequins. These went into the mixture.

 5. I dropped all the shapes into the mixture but it still looked a bit dull….

 6. So I put in a couple of teaspoons of silver glitter and that moved through the water nicely because it is heavier.

 7. I put in about 4 teaspoons of glycerine because this slows down the movement between the water and the oil and makes it more fun to watch.

8. I gave it to Little Pop to roll and shake and giggle at (and then it was quickly stolen by Big Sis who thought it was wonderful and ran off with it!)

9. I need to make another one so they can have one each 😉 I think I will make a smaller one for Little Pop so it’s easier for her to hold, this time in pink with purple glitter!


  1. Anonymous says

    I make them a lot for my pre k classroom- and when I was in toddlers and infants, they love them too. Here’s a couple hints for younger kids who tend to enjoy squishing.

    To make it last longer, get a clear bottle that is hard. Gatorade is a good brand.

    Super glue or hot glue the caps on and twist it down fast after the glue is on.

    You can add electrical tape to the edge to help it stay in place as well. (glue first though)

    You can make them without water too, just add stuff and they love looking at them!

  2. says

    Thanks for the other ideas Anon! I am sure you are sensible in suggesting the glue and tape. My 2 year old is working out catches and lids more quickly than I would like!
    I’ve made ones with dry rice and pasta before and agree that those ones are very satisfying because of the lovely sounds they create. I think I will make some more :-)

    • Anonymous says

      Glitter and foam you can buy at any craft store, my fav. place to go is Joann’s. Any brand should work, theyeven have chunky glitter kind of like confettii.

  3. Anonymous says

    Hey :) also if you add liquid glycerine to water with glitter, it gives a nice effect of a snow globe :) and if you add plastic things you ll see that they will actually float for a while inside the bottle before they float to the top :)

  4. says

    Is there an alternative to baby oil/oil? It wouldn’t be impossible for tiny sharp teeth to tear the bottle and swallow or inhale it; that is quite dangerous!