Discovery Box 4: Ribbons and Material

In this discovery box I wrapped up a parcel containing two long strips of material, two large pieces of colourful material, a huge roll of wide golden ribbon and some ribbon twirlers.

To make the ribbon twirlers I attached two long pieces of very fluid silver ribbon to two cardboard tubes, using sellotape.
Her reaction was as sweet as usual, with her new favourite exclamation making it even more lovely to watch. “Oooooo iss WONDERFUL!” (she says this about just about everything right now.) I can’t wait for Christmas morning if she gets this excited about old material and cardboard tubes!

 She spent some time asking what each thing was and examining the different textures  then she set about deciding what she would do with them (always fascinating to watch!)

 She loved the ribbon twirlers and took them for lots of walks, dragging the ribbons behind her and checking to see they were following her. It took her a while to try swirling them through the air and it was lovely when she realised she could “fly” with them and make them her wings. Hence many blurry photos!

 Lots of dancing then followed, which I did think would happen as dancing and singing are her favourite activities at the moment! Usually she is belting out the chorus of Jingle Bells at the top of her lungs to complete strangers in the supermarket :-)

 After lots of what my dad would call “flouncing”, she then remembered the other pieces of material and found that she could open them out to make them bigger (cue more Oooos and Wows.) She decided to set up a picnic on the floor.

 Then she layered up all of the other pieces and got bored of that and moved back to the ribbons.

 She discovered that the golden ribbon was incredibly long and that she could run all the way from the front door to the end of the kitchen (ie the entire length of our Victorian house) with it still trailing behind her into the distance. This produced quite a lot of hilarity for some reason and was repeated over and over again!

 Meanwhile, Little Pop was all set up with her own heuristic play session, with all her treasure basket items (and a few Christmas tree decorations) stuffed into a stocking for a new way to discover them and explore!


  1. Michele says

    I love this blog so so useful … when at the end of the day mind is blank and to have somewhere where can literally just read and do … bril!! thank you so much … also where did you get your little market stall from?