Cotton Wool Snowmen

With lots of snow on the ground and lots of snowy stories being read at the moment, it’s inevitable that we have been looking at lots of pictures of snowmen. Today we made a few of our own.
Cakie and I made this one together with some friends this morning.

 Then later on she wanted to make some more so I cut out some more, simple snowmen shapes from white card as well as some hats, carrot noses and black circles for coal eyes.

 She used cotton wool balls and stuck them onto the bodies with PVA glue.

 I love how she arranged the hats, eyes and noses all by herself, a little on-the-wonk (as the Welsh half of me says.) I’m actually impressed that she put them where she did!

 The lovely little snowman family sitting in the nearly-done fire place. They are (apparently) Mummy Snowman, Baby Snowman and Cakie Snowman. Cute.

 Hello wonky-eyes and up-side-down nose!

Plenty more snow themed crafts to come, no doubt. Meanwhile, I really must get on with making that Advent calendar, seeing that it’s already the 1st today! Oops.