Building Blocks

We have been in the midst of lots of building work recently, including having some bookcases fitted this week. Cakie has been in her element, climbing the builder’s ladder, chatting to him about “bangin noises” and rustling through the tool boxes for dangerous things to play with!
So when he started to saw off lots of off-cuts I asked if we could keep them for her to play with and she was completely delighted to have her own little set of builder’s blocks.

 Somehow these are SO much better than her toy wooden blocks, as these are just like Liam’s and therefore really, really grown up and cool!

 Here she is, sitting next to him while he builds, arranging the blocks and knocking her “nails” into place with her self-fashioned “spoon-hammer.”

 It would be a really sweet present idea for a keen budding-builder to collect some off-cuts from the scrap yard, sand them down and pack them in a cloth bag or little basket, maybe with some toy tools and a kiddie hard hat. Cute :-)