Salt Dough Decorations: Part 2

We decorated the salt dough Christmas tree decorations this afternoon. I thought we would do just a few of them, but little Miss did all of these in one sitting because it involved her new favourite thing…..GLITTER! 

 The recipe involves lots of gloopy (PVA) glue drizzled over the cooked, cooled shapes, then smothered in glitter, sequins, pom poms and any other small paraphernalia you can find!

 She was completely engrossed.

 And sprinkled glitter a-b-s-l-o-u-t-e-l-y everywhere. I remember how much the cleaners at school would bemoan the month of December for the horrific volumes of glitter that got everywhere! I’m starting to have more sympathy for them now 😉

 Apparently Aunty Soof must have taught her how to shake off the excess glitter because she was doing it like a pro today and I was very impressed. Thanks Soof!

 The finished, delightful, ornaments!

 Hanging up by their strings, waiting for the tree!

 The aftermath.

 And I have come across a new idea for entertaining an 8 month old during crafty sessions. It involves eating LOTS of Quality Street chocolates (someone’s gotta do it!) and then giving the half full tub to said baby to roll around and play with to their heart’s content.

 Apparently it is lots of fun and very exciting :-)