Mark Making in Foam

We did a little messy play activity today that didn’t take long and was really easy to clean up (always a bonus!)
I covered a board in tin foil.

 Sprayed on some shaving foam.

 Mixed in some yellow food colouring.

 Did a little wondering and “wow”-ing as the foam changed colour and intensified in hue.

 Did a lot of smooshing and mixing and smearing and spreading.

 And then we used fingers to make marks in the gloriously soft and smooth goop.

 Mummy showed Cakie some letters from her name, and we did drawings. The Ninky-Nonk was much requested.

 The foil shining through from underneath made it really easy for her to make marks. She then smoothed it over and had another go, just like using an EtchaSketch or Magnadoodle.

 And she added a new word to her vocabulary. “Make it SMOOTH!”


She had a go at using a paintbrush in the foam too. Next time I will give her other things to experiment with, to see what kind of marks she can make. A pencil, foam dabber, pizza cutter, comb and some toy vehicles (and whatever else we can lay our hands on!)

After all the fun and marvelling was over, I was able to wrap up the foam inside the foil and just throw it away, with relatively little else to clear up. Hooray!


  1. Naomi Berry says

    Ooooo – this reminds me of an activity I saw once. It was similar in terms of mark making but used edible medium! Even better, it was all chocolate – although not too sure how tummy aches would be avoided!

    The table was wrapped in cling film then chocolate spray cream added and chocolate sauce, choc sprinkles etc. I think they linked it in with a book (maybe the thick ozzy mud in ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’).

    Maybe one to keep for special occasions/ocassions!

  2. says

    Oh how sweet! She really DOES look like she is having fun! What a great activity!!! My little girl would adore this (judging by how messy she gets when she eats!!!)

    Thank you for linking up to Kids Get Crafty! I very much appreciate your visit!!