Handprints for our Art Gallery!

We have recently redecorated our kitchen which means that all of the lovely art work that was (messily) tacked over the walls has finally come down. It looks much tidier but also a bit sad! So we set about making a little art gallery on one wall where we can keep on rotating the best pieces of work for display, while keeping it looking neat and tidy.

 I realised we didn’t have much from Little Pop to display so we did a 5 minute hand-print activity. I squeezed some paint onto a sponge then wiped off the excess. Less paint works much better for hand prints, otherwise they just slide all over the paper and make a huge mess!

 I was going to wipe this over each of her hands, but she very grabbingly helpfully grabbed it and covered her own hands that way!

 One at a time, easy peasy.

 Labeled, dated and framed.

 And added to the new little kitchen gallery, taking pride of place next to big sister’s colourful creations!


  1. says

    Good tip to use sponge for handprints. I’ve had that (obviously common) problem of hands sliding over the paper, creating hand-y smears. Thanks!