Friday Favourites!

“Piggle on da potty read da Bible” (an art installation by Cakie, 26 months!)
From an unrelated photo, to some favourite things I’ve seen this week!…..

I really love this site called Let The Children Play. It’s by a preschool teacher who really understands what childhood is all about and the right way to implement early education. This idea on her site is just a simple, but great way to make thick and gloopy paint ready for making marks in, rolling with sponge rollers and playing with! Fantastic fun.

I have completely fallen in love with this pattern for making a felt advent calendar (and, no, I haven’t started one yet!) But I’m enjoying looking at what other people are making. Something about the simplicity and bright colours of this makes it my new favourite!

And how cool is this one, made by sewing applique numbers onto an over the door shoe organiser?! Love it.

Finally, I think these gratitude cards are such an original and lovely idea for a family to print out and make! There is lots of talk about Thanksgiving at the moment, but even when these festivals are over with, an activity like this would be brilliant for reminding everyone to be thankful for all our daily blessings. I will be making this when our kids are a little bit older. Lovely.

Have a lovely weekend!