Friday Favourites!

As December is fast approaching I have been thinking about making my own advent calendar for the girls (spurred on by my friend Tineke who is making a beautiful one for her baby son!) It’s now added to the list along with stockings, wrapping paper and tree ornaments. Hmmmmm!

I came across this lovely tutorial at Make It Do It for a Christmas tree advent calendar pattern with 25 little pockets. It looks really effective, although lots of hard work too!

I also love this amazing idea for storing toy cars and providing a play space and learning activity all rolled into one. It would make such a nice home-made Christmas present. These lovely crafts remind me that I need to find a space for my sewing machine and learn how to use it properly!

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. says

    You are right! Those are great ideas. I’m going to make the cozy car storage. Well, if I can force myself to take a break from blogging long enough to get all my Christmas stuff made! LOL