Five Minute Funky Felt Art!

Two year olds don’t have the longest attention spans so most of our creative sessions are short and sweet.

 I am accumulating baskets full of craft foam, sheets of felt, tissue paper, ribbons, coloured card and papers. I already had drawers full of sequins, buttons and a myriad of fun and sparkly tid-bits (that’s just the kinda person I am!) It then becomes really easy to pull down a couple of baskets, some glue and scissors, and begin on a free, open-ended craft.

 This little activity took just five minutes. Cakie squeezed some PVA onto a piece of felt and then added small felt shapes that I had cut out for her, some buttons, sequins and some sparkly fabric stars.

 Stick, stick, stick, stick, stick…..all finished!

 And I thought I should stay ahead of myself so I checked to see if I had a spare frame the right size, and framed it then and there!

 A new, striking little piece of collage art-work for my dresser in the kitchen.


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