Discovery Box 3: Straws

Things have been a bit quiet in our house as Little Pop has been struggling with a virus for the past few days. Big Sis has been keeping herself busy with her toys and books and the newest Discovery Box.

 This one was lots of fun and so easy! The box contained 100 coloured straws, a cheese grater, plastic bowl with holes in the bottom, netting fruit bag and a plastic pot into which I’d cut a few holes in the lid.

 The key to success with these boxes so far has been giving her a range of things to play with that she doesn’t normally have access to. The straws were a complete hit! She almost didn’t need anything else in there.

 She gathered them, piled them, stacked them, rolled them, threw them and giggled quite a lot!

 She was very serious about poking them into all of the holes in the various containers and spent a long time in deep concentration.

 This pot with the holes in the lid was her favourite.

 She repeated this over and over again!

 Straws in the grater!

 This is what my living room floor looks like this week (and kitchen and wherever else she trails her straw bundles to!)

 And when you have exhausted all other options, seeing how many you can fit into your mouth is apparently very fun too :-)

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