Cinnamon Sparkle Play Dough!

For our playgroup this morning Cakie and I made a new batch of play dough to play with. She is getting really good at filling up the cups and tipping them into the bowl and typically wants to do it all by herself. “My do it!” is the commonly heard phrase around these parts right now!
She chose the yellow food colouring this time, so I thought we could make it smell all delicious and wintry by adding some ground cinnamon. We already had some glitter left over from our fireworks pictures so we stirred that in too and by the end it looked good enough to eat!

 She started to knead and squash it and I gave her a small bowl full of whole cloves to push into it to add more of a wonderfully Christmassy aroma. She loved making little holes with her fingers and dropping the cloves into them, then digging through to find them again.

 I saved some of the fresh batch before the hordes descended my friends’ lovely toddlers came over to play 😉 and decided we could give it to a friend’s baby for her first birthday coming up very soon. I found a small preserving jar and a new butterfly cookie cutter to go inside with the play dough.

 I punched a circle from a scallop punch and wrote her name on the top to personalise the jar, then wrote out the simple play dough recipe on a luggage label and tied it all up with some ribbon.

 The label went inside with the dough and the cutter. All finished in just 10 minutes and a nice change from the usual toys.

 This is the same idea as the take home gifts that Cakie had at her 2nd butterfly themed party this summer.

I’m looking forward to lots more wintry crafts to come soon and desperately trying to stock up on ideas for playing inside during these dark, cold afternoons (the bane of all mothers living in the Northern hemisphere!)


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    What a great little homemade gift! Love that you added sparkle to it!

    Thank you for linking up to Kids Get Crafty! Lovely to see you there!


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    Fantastic blog you have here!! I am sooo excited to have a better look around later! This play dough gift is a great idea!

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    I make playdough with my kids regularly, though never thought of adding glitter and perfuming it with cinnamon! Will try next time! Thanks for your comment on my blog, and congratulations to you for yours, I love the photos and creative ideas! Love to you all! -Sara

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    I just made this today minus glitter, our stash has run out better get some in for Christmas I think. Just waiting for my little one to wake up and play with it smells yummy but I think I put a lot of cinnamon in as it has gone dark brown oops!. I love your ideas but I don’t see how I sign up for your blog??? Do I have to do it through the PC rather than iPhone?