Bible Memory Verses

As a Christian family, we want to teach our children the word of God as soon as possible. I was once challenged when I read a book about a woman who had taught her children simple, short Bible verses the moment they could say their first little sentence, before the age of two. We have been singing since day one with our girls and often the songs we sing contain promises and verses, so Cakie already knows some precious things without even realising it.

 Recently though, we have started to learn short verses with her as part of her bedtime routine, in between singing and stories (and more singing and MORE singing!) I have done simple, little crafts with her so that we have the words hanging up in the kitchen and she loves to point them out and tell us what they say.

 I am particularly keen on her learning the following (and, of course, understanding what it actually means!) 😉

 She has also started learning Psalm 23 and asks for us to do it over and over again before we leave the room at night (probably as a way to keep us there!) So far, her rendition goes something like this… “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not.” 😉

It says in Psalm 119 verse 11 “I have hidden Your word in my heart”, and we want this to be the case for our girls from a really young age. There really is nothing more important we can teach our children than this.


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    Great post-love the little decorations with verses.
    We’ve found that it is necessary to review verses quite often in order to make sure they are retained.
    One of our little ones says “Honour my father and my mother”. I haven’t had the heart to correct her yet!
    Any recommendations for CDs of songs/choruses with Bible verses?

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    Hi Anna! Great post – thanks for sharing! Memorizing Scripture is something I SO want to make priority with my little ones, and the few times we’ve done it, they loved it. BUT I think I tried to make too big a deal of the accompanying craft, trying to keep it all themed etc. I love how you just stuck to simply writing in down and letting Cakie do some spontaneous decorating. This has really encouraged me, thanks!!

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    Wonderful!!!!!!! My little guy is in our church AWANA program and they learn verses every week. We made our kitchen door our “verse door” and write his verse on construction paper every week and tape it up. It’s fun to see all the verses he’s learned. Love the idea of turning it into a craft!!!