Autumn Tree Handprints

The leaves are falling rapidly now and if we get to them before the Evil Leaf Collectors then there is plenty of leaf-kickin’ fun still to be had! We did a really quick activity the other day that started off as a colour mixing exercise, mixing yellow and red to make orange. I used a large baking sheet because it is an easy surface to mix on with hands and (more importantly!) very easy to wash up.

 She kept saying “where da orange?” until she started mixing then she exclaimed “oh dere da orange!” Love it.

 She filled up a couple of pieces of large white paper with handprints, some tidy, some not so much!

 I cut around them and then she arranged them onto a simple tree shape that I cut from a brown cardboard box.

 She stuck them all over and made her very own autumnal tree with leaves that will stay for ever golden.

 I used a couple of the spares to make another little framed handprint keepsake for our art gallery, to go next to Little Pop’s.


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    Oh what a lovely tree! It came out really well! And like that you kept a set of prints as a memento too!

    Thank you for linking up to Kids Get Crafty! Lovely to see you there!