Tea Party

I’ve been waiting for so long to share little tea parties with my girl, even since before I was expecting her. And yesterday she spontaneously made me some toast and a cup of coffee with her play things and so we began!

We laid out all of the wonderful play food and cups and saucers that she has been given over the 2 years of her little life! I added a little flower in a vase to our table spread and some real juice in a jug. (This was by far the most exciting part of our game, apparently!)

Cue lots of pouring, tipping and sipping!

Hello little flower (and thanks Liz, they are still beautiful!)

It was a bit lonely with just the two of us and it seemed a shame to waste all that delicious cake. So Pooh, teddy and panda bear got a last minute invite and seemed chuffed to bits!

Loving the little Ikea wine glasses!

Then little Pop woke up so she was invited along too. She is getting just about old enough to be interesting to Cakie now and it’s so sweet watching her try to include her.

Pooh was served a LOT of coffee. Not something I remember from the stories, but there you go!

Happy little play scene.

Some of our 5-a-day!

I am looking forward to the next rainy afternoon when we can do this all over again. Next time I want party hats and real cakes :-)


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    I think it is *so* much fun when they start with imaginative play – you’ll have such a great time together. Enjoy! And thank you for linking up with the Play Academy. Cathy :)

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    I love all your tea set play things, so cute and lovely! I have a very clear memory of playing tea with my sister, and I know we ran out of sugar and then milk, and for some reason I get the sense that we actually had coffee, not tea. For real. Real coffee, milk and sugar. I was about 4. Why did I have coffee? Was obviously thrilled about it if I remeber it so clearly LOL

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    Ha ha that’s brilliant. I don’t remember having any real coffee until I was about 13 so it must have been very exciting to have it at 4!
    Imaginative play is the BEST!