Sorting and Stacking

 I was recently given a set of nesting boxes and I thought I would use them as gift boxes. But they were too pretty to give away, and as soon as Cakie saw them I realised there’s lots of simple fun and learning to be gained from them instead!

 I got them out and mixed them up on the floor and she immediately set about trying to match all of the lids back onto the right boxes.

 Then she realised she had made a wonderful set of building blocks! So off she set…

 Building towers, knocking them down and trying again, fixing little mishaps along the way…

 …adding the all important finishing touches to the top (a slipper and some cream, incase you wondered!)

 Then I did it with her and talked about the different sizes of the boxes. I put them in order of size from big to small and expected her to be impressed. She wasn’t.

 She looked at it for about 30 seconds then knocked it down and did it again, her way. 😉

Good for her.