"Misty" by Shirley Hughes

Mist in the morning
Raw and nippy
Leaves on the pavement
Wet and slippy.
Sun on fire
Behind the trees
Muddy boots
Muddy knees.
Shop windows,
Lighted early
Soaking grass
Dewy, pearly.
Red, lemon
Orange and brown
Silently, softly
The leaves float down.
We have been enjoying more long afternoons in the park, leaves a-crunching and logs a-climbing. And C has been devouring (along with Mummy!) a brand new book from her Aunty Yaz and Uncle Mark- The Shirley Hughes Collection. It has nearly all of her best stories and poems and is packed-full with beautiful illustrations that make me nostalgic for my own childhood. This autumnal poem is one of my favourites.