Kiddie Cooking: Pizzas

* Please note, nothing impressively home-made or organic is contained within this post! *
Cakie’s appetite seems to have halved itself recently (something I have heard often happens to toddlers?) and because of this she sometimes needs more persuasion to eat at meal times. I though we might try and make some simple meals together so that she can be involved in the process, have some hands-on fun and be much more interested in eating the results!
So, I decided we would start nice and simply by decorating some pizzas using ready made pizza bases. First she spooned lots of chopped tomatoes on and then spread them around, using a branch of rosemary from the garden, This was her own idea. I love that she is painting with the sauce!

Then she covered it over with large slices of salami.

She helped me to grate some cheese into the bowl and then sprinkled it over the meat.

This was a much-enjoyed part of the activity!

Then she had good fun trying to rip up the rosemary leaves and put some of those on the very top.

I drizzled over a little olive oil and she helped me put it into the oven, where it cooked nicely for 10 minutes at a high heat.

The result was surprisingly delicious! Even though the bases were not home made, somehow the freshness of the ingredients made up for it. Yum, yum!

Next time I think I may have a go at my own dough using this recipe¬†that I found, or for an even easier version we may use pitta breads as bases and create a range of different toppings. I think pizzas made this way would be a good way to include some hidden veggies- I think I had run out on this occasion…oops!¬†


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    Wonderful! It looks delicious and is making me hungry! Thanks for reminding me that they lose some of their appetite when they approach two, I forgot about that! Can I recommend this recipe, simply because it is what we use and has never let us down (also silly-easy)

    * 225g Strong Plain Flour
    * 1/2tsp salt
    * 1 (6/7g) sachet of easy blend yeast
    * 150ml warm water
    * 30ml (2 tablespoons) olive oil

    Make sure you use strong flour instead of plain flour, it makes a much crispier base. Also, I simmer a tin of chopped tomatoes to reduce it a little, and usually ‘hide’some veg and other seasonings in too (onion, garlic, etc.)…it seems to dissolve as it simmers and tastes extra yummy!

    Looking forward to the next post! XXX

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    Ooo thanks for posting a recipe! Fab. Do you just mix it up and form it into bases or do you need to do the whole rising thing first? Sounds delish x

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    Oooh I want to try this thank you Anna, and Faye for the dough recipe, I’ve tried quite a few but i’ve not found one that I really really like. I almost can’t wait until Niah can help with cooking all these lovely things!

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    You just bung it all in a bowl and mix with your hands, but you need to leave it (just leave it in the bowl and cover with tea towel) till it has roughly doubled in size, about half an hour. I should say I do find I usually have to use a little more flour than the recipe states. Let us know how you get on!

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    This recipe is fab!! I tried it this afternoon and the base came out wonderfully! I used the oatmeal bread flour as that’s what I had knocking around in the cupboard, and I cooked it on gas mark 6 for about 15 mins.
    Niah and I finished the whole pizza! This will be the base recipe I use from now on, thanks again Anna and Faye.bxx