Independent Creating

I’ve written before in this post how I feel about children being independent and creative. That not all activities should be closed and have a particular “outcome” in mind. That, in fact, very few should, save for the purposes of display, interactive play, a specific learning intention or to widen their minds to the possibilities of what they can do.

 Because usually, a child has far more wonderful ideas and creative thoughts than an adult, and doesn’t need telling! I read a very good post on another blog about the same topic this week. You can read that here.

 With enough resources and the encouragement to go for it alone, even a just-turned-2-year old can create something really rather beautiful, all by herself.

 And she will have lots of pride in confidence in her own abilities too.

Beautiful. This one is getting a frame….although….. I’m not sure it’s finished yet! She keeps asking for it back off the wall so that she can add some more to it. Perhaps some crayons and pencils would look nice around the collage. I will wait to see what she chooses to do!

What have you been creating recently? Please share!


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    those little stick on foam pieces and regular stickers are great for creating pictures. I keep things like that packed away and bring them out every so often that way they are a novelty and don’t get wasted

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    I’m impressed at the outcome. Imaginative activities here, independent or otherwise, usually involve large quantities of paint on faces, hands, furniture,clothes and especially smeared together with the help of hands, occasionally paint brushes and lots of extra water on soggy paper. They obviously have my untidy genes!

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    Yes these are left over from her birthday party and come out now and again (aka when I remember!)

    Sarah, there is a LOT of paint on walls, floors, clothes and furniture here too! Almost all crafting takes place in the high chair and I tend to give access only to materials that I feel I can cope with on any particular occasion! I’m certainly not brave enough to have paints and water out all of the time. Have you tried oil pastels? Fabulous, bright results, can be blended like paints, but not nearly as messy!

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    I love this post, just found you on the No Time for Flashcards meme. It’s independent creating all the way at our place too! Beautiful photos too…

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    I love this post and agree with with all you’ve said. The photos are great too – especially the one showing her carefully selecting her next sticker. Thanks for sharing with us again at the Play Academy :)