Friday Favourites!

I am going to link up each Friday to some of the best activities, articles or other posts to do with children that I have read during the week.

Firstly, I absolutely LOVE these simple, yet beautiful little houses made out of juice cartons! Brilliant for small-world and imaginative play, and I’m sure older children could have a really good attempt at making these themselves. Little ones could help to decorate!

This is a fun post that shows you how to make paint colours using food! Educational, fun and creative- great combination!

And finally, I am loving the wonderful resources on this site for doing fun Bible time sessions at home with your children. They are downloadable and look like they would print out nicely (if only we had our printer connected!)

And a little thank you to Michelle from Best Toys For Toddlers for passing on a blog award to me (not really sure what that means but grateful nonetheless!)


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