DIY: Foam Picture Fun!

The inspiration for this little DIY fun project came from a wonderful blog called Filth Wizardry. The writer of the blog has some wonderful, creative ideas!
First of all, I bought a packet of 20 sheets of craft foam from Tesco for £1. Bargain!

I used about half of the sheets and cut them into simple shapes- triangles, squates, rectangles, circles, stars, hearts and diamonds.

I also cut out some grass, clouds, fruit, daddy and pig (on request!) A lot of these items were also popular in her little toddler mind map. No surprise that they are still top of the list now then!

I gave her a little pot of water with a foam paintbrush (a sponge would work just the same.)

Then she set about painting the window and making it nice and wet so that the foam would stick to it. She particularly enjoyed this as we have been doing lots of redecorating recently and she immediately started to role-play.

And then the fun began! Adding the foam shapes and being filled with wonder at how they could stick to the window like that!


Hmmmm, what to choose next?

“Cloud mummy!”

I put the shapes together to make the little pig, as requested. The foam sticks easily on top of itself, so nice effects can be made by layering and building up a picture.

Again, this was mummy’s pattern! She loved looking at it and added some matching shapes to continue the long line of rectangles.

I love how it looks like these clouds are raining!

Then, all of her own accord, she went and got a felt-tip pen and started to add to the shapes by drawing on them. Technically, in this picture, she is drawing on the window. Oops.

The finished art work. Later on it would be great to add words to the shapes to increase the learning.

Quite a mural began to appear!

She started to realise that it was easier for the foam to stick if she made it wet directly, instead of making the window wet.

And later, (like the original post from Filth Wizardry suggested) we played with these in the bath. They stuck really well onto the bath because they were soaking wet. Here you can see Daddy (with requested tummy-button!).

This is one of those simple, cheap activities that has so much potential. As she gets older it can be developed into sorting and grouping the pieces by colour and shape, counting, making repeating and symmetrical patterns, making little words by writing the alphabet on them, making more elaborate shape pictures and even cutting out her own to use too.
If you try this, let me know how it turns out. Have fun!
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