Butterfly Birthday Party

Two years ago something wonderful happened.

This beautiful little bundle entered our lives and changed us completely. We were able to experience first hand the truth of the promise in Psalm 127 that “truly children are an inheritance from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is his reward.” 
And truly what a joy and a reward it has been to watch her grow from that teeny, squirmy heap of blankets to a comical, “characterful” (shall we say?!) 2 year old, full of boundless energy and laughter!
We celebrated her birthday with a butterfly garden party with our friends and their children (and therefore her friends by default!)
The invitations.
Some decorations in the garden. All signs made from cardboard boxes- cheap and easy!

Tables made from boxes covered with plastic table covers (gotta love cardboard!)

The kiddy party spread, followed by sausages and chicken on the BBQ. Thankful for a very unusually hot Bank holiday in the UK! Almost unheard of.

The cupcakes formed the birthday cake. Little butterfly names in each one.
Cute tea-towels from Next! 
The take-home favours were little jars of play-dough with a cookie cutter attached. More fun than a bag of cheap, plastic toys! (and much cheaper to produce actually.)
Flowers in baked bean tins to add to the country look!
Waiting for her guests to arrive, dressed in her number 2 shirt and her new butterfly wings!
Decorating hanging butterflies with friends. Ooodles of gloopy glue, sequins, foam stickers and glitter were necessary for this project! (The grass is still shimmering and could be for a few years to come.)
And again, with the wonderful “Aunty Soof” (as she is known around these parts), mucking in and being a fabulous help!

Taking a little break!

Looking after baby sis and seeing that she has some fun too!

Baby Pops sports her matching tutu skirt!
Time for the ice-cream stall! Lots of sweets in old jam jars to sprinkle on top, looking delicious and tasting equally so!
Mmmmm, yes please!
The wonderful piles of little blessings!
Some serious bouncing occurred!
Happy birthday delicious little butterfly (who doesn’t know how to blow out yet!) We love you very much indeed.


  1. Anonymous says

    What a wonderful looking party – I wish you were my mummy! I am pleased to see Aunty Soof was having a good time on the trampoline.
    Anna H

  2. says

    It looks like you did a really wonderful job with decoration and planning. It seems like a splendid event! LOVE the 2 shirt/onesie!

  3. says

    Hi! I’m a italian mother. I need know what are the “stuffing crayons” cited in part of your post:

    ” She has enjoyed these cards and taken them around with her in her various bags, baskets, buggies and trollies, stuffing crayons into pockets and whipping them out to scribble on here, there and everywhere.”

    What is their name and where can i find them?

    I’m sorry for my english!!!

  4. says


    I’m trying to source glass jars to use as my ‘take home’ gifts but I can’t find them anywhere.

    I love the ones you used for your daughter’s birthday…much safer than the clip variety.

    Any ideas?