Salad Spinner Art

This is an easy activity that produces stunning art work that is worthy of framing and titling! 
Take some ordinary “squeezy” paint (and some delicious glittery paint for good measure!)
Dig the salad spinner out of the back of the cupboard and dust it off. (Or, like me, buy one for £2 on special offer at Sainsbury’s.)

Cut out some circles from any colour card, just smaller than the bottom of the basket inside the spinner.

Put a circle of card in the basket and keep in place using a little bit of BluTac.

Squeeze paint directly onto the card- as many different colours as you like.
We found the results were better when the paint was applied in the middle of the circle, although it did make an interesting effect to have a few extra spoldges near the edges too. 

Turn the handle and spin the basket really fast! This is pretty difficult for a toddler to do, but also a fantastic gross motor skill to develop! Cakie has a great go at it and found it loads of fun.

I don’t really recommend taking off the lid to watch as it goes around, but C was interested and we did it just once! 

Repeat with different colour combinations and experiement with the effects that can be created. We put some of the finished pictures back in, added new colours and spun it again to build up layers and make them more interesting.
The results speak for themselves….

Some on black and some on white- both looking amazing!

The salad spinner itself becomes a work of art. I don’t think making a salad in it is advisable after this though!

The beautiful art work hanging up.
Close ups…

My friend Miriam says this one should be called “Sunrise”. Sweet.

Awe and wonder, baby, awe and wonder.

Thanks to my friend Pete and his wonderful artists at the Hanbury for this idea!


  1. says

    It would be FAB for Bonfire night Katy! What a cool idea. You will definitely want to use glittery paint for that (and do you have any of that great neon paint at your school too?)

  2. says

    What a great idea, and wonderful results. I like how they all look hanging together. (I’m visiting from Homeschool Creations link-up.)

  3. Anonymous says

    they look amazing!! does the paint wash out of the salad spinner ok? can you use it again for salad or only craft in the future? :)

  4. Emma says

    Ashamed to say we don’t own a salad spinner but will be on the lookout for a cheap one now! Great idea thanks!

  5. says

    Wow, this is terrific! Very colorful and bright! I am going to try with food colors so I can use my salad spinner again…may be the colors would become dull. Thanks for sharing.